Cryptic Producer Modapit Drops Techno-Inspired Single “Out Of Control” Alongside Hypnotizing Vertical Music Video

modapit out of control

Newly-minted producer Modapit is evolving in real time.

In January, the secretive artist emerged from the shadows of underground dance music, boasting a gothic, edgy streetwear look contrasting their euphoric, swirling pop-electronic sounds. Shrouded in their signature fishnet veil, the Modapit project has been defined by expertly crafted secrecy – an anonymous identity that has stirred their feverish online fanbase. The mystery has also provided Modapit a sense of creative freedom: by removing the ‘ego’ from the artist, Modapit’s music and fashion-forward aesthetic have become the central focus of the project.

The confidential nature of the Modapit project has also allowed the producer to remain amorphous – by avoiding a defined identity, Modapit can remain an idea that traverses the dance music canon, exploring new sounds and styles in pursuit of becoming a multi-dimensional artistic project.

Modapit is revving up towards their debut album, a full-length project that promises to further spotlight the producer’s bold and diverse electronic music vision. By embracing the beauty of creative partnership, the LP will reflect the deeply collaborative tenets of the Modapit brand. Filmmakers David Borges and Carlos Perez have helped build out the Modapit universe, developing a stark visual aesthetic surrounding the producer’s mind-melding dance sonics. All together, they’ve crafted a funeral-rave vibe – a defining artistic ethos representing Modapit’s out-of-the-box approach and propensity towards detailed world-building.

Listeners got their first taste of the forthcoming LP with lead single “Dancing,” a jubilant yet brooding track that translates the emotion of The Weeknd’s latest album, Dawn FM, into a dance-fueled rave experience. “Dancing” released alongside a stunning music video directed by Borges with cinematography from Perez. The second part of a four-part short film, the “Dancing” music video follows a woman navigating her way through a troubling past trauma, finding reprieve and catharsis after an encounter with a group of dancers.

Next was “Falling In Love,” a continuation of the producer’s ongoing thematic and narrative journey. The track released alongside the story’s third video, which saw the same unnamed character (played by Gabriela Garcia) with a changed demeanor; while once fragile and burdened by her past, she is now confident and fierce. Contrasting dark, heavy techno chords and droning basslines with uplifting melodies and lyrics, “Falling In Love” presents a sonic arc that reflects the difficult yet rewarding process of unleashing vulnerability – a maturation that allows you to love yourself and those around you.

Today, Modapit unveils their newest single “Out Of Control,” a transition into a darker, more European techno-inspired side of the Modapit project. Filled to the brim with rolling basslines, euphoric vocal samples, and pulsating, hard-hitting drums, “Out Of Control” is an acute exercise in vivid, brooding dance music catharsis.

“Out Of Control” kicks off with ethereal synth pads before quickly introducing stuttering vocal samples, rumbling bass, and heart-racing risers. The track then drops into its infectious, booming beat – a dance-floor igniting rager consisting of scintillating high-hats, driving percussion, huge, thumping kick drums, and tone-setting, acid synths.

“Out Of Control” fleshes out the Modapit sound into new terrain. Having already showcased a pristine sensibility towards lavish pop-electronic bangers, this new track reflects the environment of an energetic, raw Modapit live set.

The track releases alongside a spellbinding video with footage from Sakatisk. Presented vertically and in stunning black-and-white, the “Out Of Control” video displays stylish dancefloor denizens dancing in a club setting. With glitchy, captivating editing, the video is a hypnotizing companion to the track’s dark, underground vibes.

Fans will be able to experience Modapit’s live performance prowess when they make their debut at EDC Las Vegas next month.

Modapit tour dates

5/19/23 – 5/21/23: EDC Las Vegas 2023 – Las Vegas, NV


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