NERO Return To Their Roots With New Drum & Bass Single ‘Blame You’

nero blame you

anuary 26, 2024 – Grammy Award-winning, Ivor Novello-nominated live electronic trio NERO are back with ‘Blame You’, the second single off their highly-anticipated third studio album Into The Unknown.

Hauntingly nostalgic and wondrously futuristic at the same time, ‘Blame You’ marks NERO’s long-awaited return to their drum and bass roots. Their first dip into the genre in over a decade, ‘Blame You’ is captivating as it traverses through cosmic builds and whirlwind breakbeats. With Alana Watson’s sultry vocals steering the fast embrace of rushing synths and fervent drum patterns, ‘Blame You’ catapults listeners into the next phase of Into The Unknown.

Reminiscent of the early drum and bass additions to their 2011 debut Welcome Reality, NERO’s latest single harnesses the neo-romantic motifs and galactic tones that have propelled their album trilogy. The follow up to ‘Truth’, ‘Blame You’ offers a glimpse into the sonic depth of Into The Unknown and alludes to the cinematic collision of NERO’s past and present that fans can expect to hear on the album.

“It’s been 14 years since we released a Drum N Bass song. We felt it was time to return to the genre.” – NERO

2023 saw Daniel Stephens, Joe Ray, and Alana Watson return to the spotlight as NERO with their first solo single following a five-year hiatus. Nearly a decade since they headlined Coachella’s Outdoor Stage (2015) and premiered their second studio album Between II Worlds, the band spent those years turning their focus towards their side projects personal lives before regrouping in 2019 to embark on NERO’s next journey. Into The Unknown marks a significant return for the trio, and the impending conclusion of NERO’s album trilogy, which began with the chart-topping, Platinum-selling and Grammy-winning Welcome Reality (2011).

Due out in 2024, Into The Unknown traces the final chapters of NERO’s post-apocalyptic tale of humanity’s dichotic destiny; where science and fantasy, beauty and brutality, creation and destruction meet in harmony. Enveloped with the band’s lust for the metaphysical and the existential, Into The Unknown encapsulates the avant-garde dystopian universe NERO have built over the past 20 years with their epic trilogy.


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