No Mana, vowl., And Leyla Diamondi Team Up For Electro-House Single, “Falling In Love”

no mana falling in love

Electro-house maestro No Mana returns to Monstercat Instinct today alongside burgeoning producer vowl. and singer-songwriter Leyla Diamondi for nostalgic record, “Falling in Love.”

Yesterday” was the record that launched No Mana into the Monstercat community, ultimately securing the title of ‘Best New Artist’ and #1 on Monstercat’s ‘Best Of Instinct’ in 2022. Following multiple releases on the label, there is no doubt that No Mana has become a fan-favourite. His infectious records have been supported by some of the biggest names in the dance circuit, including deadmau5, REZZ, and Gabriel & Dresden. Fans have been able to witness him live at renowned events and venues like EDC Las Vegas, Shambhala Festival, Temple in Denver, Sky in Salt Lake City, and more. His virtuosic talents extend beyond music, as he integrates his pixel art prowess into both his captivating artwork and mesmerizing visuals played during his live sets on tour.

Hailing from a small coastal town in Australia, vowl. has become an undeniable force in the wave scene, amassing over 100MM streams across all platforms. His viral hits, including “2000” and “drowning,” have taken TikTok by storm with over 566K creates and counting. From opening for Mr. Carmack in Australia, to captivating fans in America and Europe, vowl.’s live performances have always left fans wanting more. His music has soared beyond DSPs and live stages featuring in video games and television ads across Europe.

Inspired by cathartic, electric, and romantic elements, No Mana set forth to revive the spirit of early 2000s electronic music, heightened by a modern blend of house, electro, and trance. Collaborating with vowl., who enhanced the FX and drums with his classic dark and sensual elements, complemented by Leyla Diamondi’s stunning vocals touching on love, the track came together as the ultimate fusion of their collective talents – a record poised to capture the hearts of electronic dance music enthusiasts.

No Mana shares, “The track originally started as a classic trance tune. I’ve been listening to more house lately, so naturally, it ended up sounding somewhere in the middle between the two genres for me. It’s a pleasure to tie it together with Leyla’s vocals as the centerpiece, and vowl. to touch it up with FX and drums for the production.”

vowl. adds, “‘Falling in Love’ was a pleasure to be a part of. No Mana and Leyla created a world I could get lost in and add my own flavour. The song transports me back to the days I started creating music and I love it for that.”

Fans can see No Mana live at Mission Ballroom in Denver on March 30th opening for Audien and Jason Ross, followed by sets at The Green Elephant in Dallas on July 5th, Kingdom Nightclub in Auston on July 6th, and 45 East in Portland on July 12th. Fans can also stay tuned for more on the horizon from vowl. and Leyla Diamondi.


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