Panteros666 Unveils New Single, ‘Let UwU Go’

panteros666 let uwu go

Paris-based, Belgium-born producer Panteros666 is making his debut on HARD Recs with the euphoric anthem “Let UwU Go.”

The new single serves as the start of a new era for the label, while inviting fans to explore the rave revivalist’s signature “hard dream” sound.

“Let Uwu Go” is an exceptional fusion of classic trance and upbeat techno that come together for an epic sonic journey. The pitched vocals offer a nostalgic dance sound that’s furthered by the dreamy melodies carried throughout. The breaks and builds bubble with emotion and majestic allure, creating an out-of-body sense of elevation. Thudding kick drums and pulsing bass work in-tandem to up the intensity and deliver a euphoric peak techno undercurrent that brings a pulse-raising edge to the stunning eurodance canvas. It’s a blissful love-fueled cruise through a winding picturesque dreamscape that’s assured to move you in every sense of the word.

Panteros666 offers deeper insight into the single, saying, “Creating ‘Let UwU Go’ was another step towards the creation of my hard dream trance sound. Getting the balance right between a rock-solid techno beat, built for dancing in raves, and adding the bliss supplemented with the dreamy synth. This track is about mesmerizing ostinato melodies that keep you exhilarated throughout the bridge until the massive kick drop. At first glance, both the lyrics and the lead melodies have heavy melancholic overtones yet, staying true to the Y2K vibes and ethos that I keep very close to my heart, the core foundation of ‘Let UwU Go’ is hope.”

Paris-based producer Panteros666 is creating his own lane in the electronic music sphere that’s built around his love for eurodance and Y2K internet influence. Renowned for merging catchy hooks with emotive melodies and an energetic aesthetic, the talented producer has gained support from Anna Lunoe, TDJ, DJ Heartstring, Boys Noize, and has received radio support from FG Radio and Galaxie Radio. He has upcoming performances at Roxy Club, Elsewhere (New York), and SKSKS, and will be embarking upon his European and Australian tour early next year.

“Let Uwu Go” is a stunning mixture of nostalgic trance feels and chest-pumping techno that transports listeners into the captivating world of Panteros666.

Panteros666’s new single “Let UwU Go” is available on all platforms via HARD Recs.


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