Paul van Dyk Serves Trance Justice Again With Elated Collab, “Parallel Dimension”

paul van dyk parallel dimension

Raising the curtain not just on a new season, but Mission: Guiding Light – the advance guard tour for his hotly-anticipated 2020 LP – Paul van Dyk serves that trance justice again.

Following in the wake of ‘Galaxy’ – September’s Vini Vici-collab’ing walk on the Psy-side, ‘Parallel Dimension’ swings back around to that instantaneously identifiable, classically floor-flaming PvD sonic.

For the track, Paul’s been joined at the mixing desk by a producer who may be a new name to some.

Elated’s Graeme Knapp arrived on the trance reservation a couple of years back and amongst those with their ear to the ground swiftly started to built a reputation for himself. A number of his early releases found their way to Paul and after some positive-noise-type feedback the Canadian reached out.

What they’ve collectively worked up is an autumn-beating trance thunderbolt, which places clubbers heartstrings square between the crosshairs, whilst simultaneously planting their feet on the floor. With a no-prisoners tempo, hallmark PvD bass, from-within chords, awww-inspiring sub-melodies and kiss-the-sky mainline, ‘Parallel Dimension’s got the lot. Your first taste of what ‘Guiding Light’ will bring drops today.


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