Paul van Dyk Unleashes New Single With Vini Vici – Galaxy

paul van dyk vini vici galaxy

What happens when the unique sound-style of an electronic music pioneer connects head-on with psy-trance’s reigning demigods? Well… this!

Never short of an epic script-flip with which to keep the scene on its toes, Alteza Records unites Paul van Dyk with Vini Vici to unleash ‘Galaxy’. The collective’s first system-shaking studio work together, you can kiss normal service goodbye and wave farewell to the firmament while you’re at it.

Production-wise the Vini Vici boys put ‘Galaxy’ in the launch position, fuelling-up with their own-brand of pulsing psy bass and through its hook-ily magnetizing ethnic chants, go for main engine start.

Through his interplanetary harmonies, intensely retrofuturistic sub-melodies and outer rim FX, PvD makes final preparations to send it vertically. Countdown complete, its celestial moon-scraping mainline wastes zero time in putting this particular ‘Galaxy’ right back where it belongs!

A possible first contact with PvD’s incoming 2020 ‘Guiding Light’ album!? Remains to be seen, but make no mistake, this one’s going outer limits.


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