Plastik Funk Links Up With Soroush Yarahmadi For The Irresistible Electro-House Anthem ‘The Mad Doctor’

plastik funk the mad doctor

With a sparkling 2022 already, that has birthed huge releases including ‘Vroom Vroom’ and ‘Better Than This’, DJ Mag Top 100 Polling DJ and Future House Music Award winner Plastik Funk returns to Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, enlisting ‘The Mad Doctor’ alongside Soroush Yarahmadi!

Soroush Yarahmadi has caught the attention of many within the industry already, from landing on Revealed Radar with hits such as ‘Rave Light’ that caught the attention of names including Dada Life and Carta, he now returns to bring his unique essence to interlink with Plastik Funk’s signature, house sound.

‘The Mad Doctor’ commences with the ferocity of an inferno, looped and chunky bass beats setting the pace for glitching synths to take over, as the boomeranging topline rotates across an unavoidable, hip-shaking melody. Fusing future house, push-and-pull electro and an irresistible use of percussion thanks to alerting sirens, militant-style drum beats and screw-face-worthy sonic grooves, ‘The Mad Doctor’ is a Spring anthem that will dominate live sets and guest mixes for months to come!

Make sure you get your hands on the latest smash from Plastik Funk & Soroush Yarahmadi, released this May, only via Revealed Recordings!


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