Rising Producer Ra5im Returns To Monstercat Silk With Ethereal Melodic House EP, ‘Talk To Me’

ra5im talk to me

Recently teaming up with label standouts Forty Cats, OAI, and Fløa, burgeoning Russian producer Ra5im unveiled today his solo chill house EP, ‘Talk To Me’ on Monstercat.

The title track opens the shimmering package with a nod to his Tatar descent, implementing Kurai instrumentals, euphoric pads, and harmonic sequences. With an organic array of progressive elements, listeners get a taste of Ra5im’s vocals on “Stay In My Life” enveloped by live percussion and moving violins. As one of Monstercat’s 2022 newcomers, ‘Talk To Me’ is a sign of beautiful soundscapes to come from Ra5im.

Ra5im shares, “I was inspired by the wonderful words of the German writer of the 19th century Averbach Berthold, ‘Music is the only world language, it does not need to be translated, the soul speaks it with the soul.’”

‘Talk To Me’ EP Tracklist

1. Talk To Me
2. Stay In My Life
3. Talk To Me (Extended Mix)
4. Stay In My Life (Extended Mix)


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