RAM Records drops annual compilation filled with exclusives and classics – RAM Annual 2019

RAM Annual 2019

RAM Records add yet another milestone to their expansive heritage!

2018 stands as another phenomenal year for both drum & bass and for one of the leading imprints which has helped spearhead the scene from its roots. With another year comes another annual from Ram Records, a twenty-five-year strong label which has stood the test of time against many of its counterparts, following trends and remaining a center point of the genre, which can be seen through the releases they’ve dropped over past twelve months. Their annual’s release has become a tradition for many fans and when looking at its colossal track listing, it’s easy to see why. Featuring sixty tracks, with exclusives and already well-loved classics within the Ram discography, there’s never been a better time for Ram’s significant audience.

Including 2018 hits from both Wilkinson and Culture Shock, who hijacked the radio airwaves with their musically-versed, crossover anthems ‘Decompression’ and ‘There For You’, Ram’s impact remains undisputed. Anonymous roster artist Raiser also makes an appearance, joining the likes of Delta Heavy, Calyx & Teebee, Bensley, DC Breaks, Hamilton, Rene LaVice and Legion & Logam for their offerings on the Ram moniker. Groundbreaking additions to Rene LaVice, Bad Company UK and Killbox 2018 LPs also make it onto the compilation, as well as Ram newcomers Magnetude and Sound in Noise. Guest appearances from Black Sun Empire, Subview, Freek, Doctrine, Mob Tactics, and Lynx show that Ram provides a home for many varieties of drum & bass, whilst never watering down their sound or standards.

Sister label Program adds another dimension to the 2019 compilation, with Zeal, Mr. Explicit, Kallan HK, De:Tune, Kung, Quentin Hiatus, Melysma, Salaryman, Noel, Levela, and Obeisant all adding to the weighty collection of artists. Producer MD presents a statement together with Program through ‘Arrival’, a breakthrough release that demonstrated how pivotal Program has been to the development of the underground.

Exclusives from imperative drum & bass names such as Turno and Need for Mirrors are stand out points across the album, with their offerings broadening the diversity platformed by the release. HumaNature & Scave and Salaryman & Covert Garden are two sets of collaborators who make an impact with their deliveries, tracks which are fresh to ravers’ ears. Insideinfo’s remix of ‘Gambino’, a cut from DC Breaks which dominated club space, yet again builds on their full scope of drum & bass, highlighting their taste-making status.

An LP that encompasses the last twelve months for Ram, they’ve added yet another milestone to their expansive heritage. Ram is bigger and better than ever, proving for another year why their longevity is a testament to their success.

Download it here.


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