Randall Jones And Ariaano Release ‘Thunderbird EP’

randall jones thunderbird

Longtime Bedrock artist, Randall Jones, has been busy making music with Ariaano, the legend behind 16 Bit Lolitas and Cubicolor.

The results have been a stream of killer releases on Little Helpers, Sudbeat and a host of other top labels.

Now, as they look to end 2022 in style, the pair brings some of their best work yet to Bedrock Records, with the two-track ‘Thunderbird EP’.

First up, Thunderbird is a masterful techno workout. A swollen bass fuelled kick drum and metronomic, metallic high hats set the relentless pace before a breakdown that takes the dance floor to another plateau. A perfect 2 am roof raiser.

On the b-side we find the yin to Thunderbird’s yang in Chrome Tips – a deep, building number that eschews instant gratification in favour of ambiance and depth; a slow burner that transforms into a snarling, cantering beast.

Randall Jones & Ariaano – ‘Thunderbird EP’ is out now via Bedrock Record


1. Randall Jones & Ariaano – Thunderbird (Original Mix)
2. Randall Jones & Ariaano – Chrome Tips (Original Mix)


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