Pablo Nouvelle – All I Need [Armada]


Pablo Nouvelle’s second album finally hits the world. The album, titled ‘All I Need’, arrives three years after debut album ‘Pablo Nouvelle’ and is released by Amsterdam-based record company Armada Music.

The first single of the album, ‘I Will’ feat. Sam Wills, saw its release on January 8th, building momentum towards the full album release three weeks later. The album comprises fifteen songs, handpicked from around forty recordings that were largely made through writing sessions taking place in London, Los Angeles, and Switzerland.

As of March 2016, Pablo Nouvelle will perform in a multitude of European cities as part of his ‘All I Need’ album, which will take the artist across Europe to play more than fifteen shows in over six countries. More dates will be added in the coming weeks.

In Pablo Nouvelle’s own words: “‘All I Need’ is basically a ‘best of…’ of what I’ve written and produced in the past three years. I am thankful to have met so many incredible artists and it’s an amazing privilege to be able to work with so many different human beings and having their voices on my record.”

“To go out now and play those songs live will be pretty amazing. We are a tight-knit band. Everything is played live. No play-along, no playback, nothing. Our show will be as honest and soulful as a live electronic set can get.”

Watch the EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE of ‘I Will’ here.


1. ‘I Will’ feat. Sam Wills

2. ‘We Ain’t Dead Yet’ feat. Norma Jean Martine

3. ‘Hold On’ feat. James Gruntz

4. ‘On The Line’ feat. Sam Wills

5. ‘Hunger’ feat. Josef Salvat

6. ‘Take Me To A Place’ feat. LIV

7. ‘Ice’ feat. Kylan road

8. ‘Paint’ feat. Norma Jean Martine

9. ‘Ave’

10. ‘Coastline’ feat. Gavin Turek

11. ‘Push Me’ feat. Sam Brookes

12. ‘Wish You Were Here’ feat. Rio

13. ‘Worry’

14 .‘Our Love’ feat. Rio

15. ‘All I Need’ feat. Lulu James

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