Right-O – First Time


For Melbourne-based electronic artist Right-O, creating a unique and immersive listening experience is the secret to his success.

Having totalled a combined 700k streams with 2 tracks at the end of 2017, Right-O hits the ground running in 2018 with a single that’s as equally enticing as his last. First Time follows up on the success of last year’s Skyfall by further highlighting his multidimensional approach to music production.

Standing tall in Australia’s explosive dance music scene, Right-O has been building his profile as a self-penned producer for some time. Now, his sights are firmly set on breaking the global music scene.

Combining elements of stripped-back house percussion and bassline along with R&B-tinged vocal stylings, First Time aims to cross the boundaries between genres whilst maintaining strong dance floor elements throughout. Featuring the lush vocal stylings of Stacey Gardiner, which flow effortlessly over a looming yet restrained instrumental, the track coaxes us into the groove with an engaging hook that oozes salacious appeal.

Listen to it here.


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