Riku(戮) Invites Listeners To Discover Themselves With His New Track, “Rin-Pun”

riku(戮) rin-pun

Riku(戮) is a Japanese singer and songwriter, who was also the vocalist for the prominent bands HISKAREA, Phantasmagoria, and Lin and Chariots.

Based on his stage name, which means insanity and unity, Riku is known for his versatility and unique style. He hits listeners with bold topics and unrestrained truthfulness. The musician aims to reach the global audience and get listeners thinking about modern-day issues that affect our mental health.

His new track “Rin-Pun” takes the listener on a journey through the perception of beauty. The word “Rin-Pun” means powder from the butterfly’s wing; hence, the track symbolizes a woman who feels like a moth (unattractive) who dreams of becoming a butterfly (beautiful).

It conveys the story of the pain she endures due to her low self-esteem, and the desperate measures she takes to obtain beauty. As a result, she spends endless hours applying extensive make-up and wearing gaudy clothing as a social mask to hide her insecurities, creating a perfect recipe for mental illness.

Linkin Park’s early electronic rock sounds can be heard in the track, “Numb” being a perfect example. While “Rin-Pun” is a hardcore rock song, Riku takes us on an emotional ride with progressive rock feelings ending the journey with an extensive guitar solo.

“Rin-Pun” is vulnerable and raw and shares the sad reality many women face.

Connect with the artist:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rikuvoice
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rikuvoice/


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