RIP Kenny Unveils Debut Album ‘Escapism’

rip kenny escapism

Bend, OR – Arriving at the intersection of metal, punk, and melodic dubstep, RIP Kenny is the soundtrack to your adventure.

Following four lead singles “Letting Go,” “Lost,” “Thought I Knew You,” and “I’m ok alone” the mountaineer musician returns in valor to deliver is poignant debut album ‘Escapism’. The independently-released LP arrives Thursday, August 11.

One of dubstep’s most compelling new voices, RIP Kenny’s grit and intensity is poignant. His unusual, yet refreshing take on the genre taps into spaces unknown as he arms heavy electronic drops with metal cadences, punk-rock finishes, and poetic lyricism.

With his recent singles “Letting Go,” “Lost,” “Thought I Knew You,” and “i’m ok alone,” RIP Kenny proved his penchant for blurring the lines between genres is less of an interest and more of an innate gift. Each track distinct from its predecessor, RIP Kenny balances a tight rope between explosive soundscapes and gentle life lessons.

Each track taken from Escapism is a story of life, leisure, love, and loss in the majestic and unforgiving Oregon mountainscapes. A wordsmith and conceptual soundbender, RIP Kenny is ushering in the new vanguard of dubstep and metal.

“This album is a concept I’ve been mulling over and over in my head ever since I started making music. To tell a larger story, to bring the listener on the adventure. Narrate it with a combination of story + lyrics and bring it to life with visuals I’ve taken over the years of venturing deep into the backcountry. It’s a pure expression of everything I love — metal, punk, emo and hip hop combined into a modern bass music package, visually stunning moments from diverse terrain, haunting fantasy + emotional gravity that just sucks you in — and then woven together into a full-length visual. Everything about this album was crafted with each other aspect in mind, story influencing music, music influencing visual, visual influencing story — I think that’s what makes this record special. The journey isn’t an afterthought, it’s at the core of the whole thing. I wanted to make something thoughtful, timeless; something that lights a fire in your soul.” – RIP Kenny


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