Rising Talent Tiggi Hawke Releases Synth Pop Sensation ‘NYC’ Via Armada

Tiggi Hawke NYC

Following the success of recent Music Week chart-topper Remedy, not to mention her growing reach of 1.4M listeners on Spotify along with an impressive 4 million streams, Tiggi Hawke has become a firm artist to watch.

Now, Tiggi Hawke delivers her latest and arguably greatest single NYC, another lovelorn, emotional synth-pop delight from the rising artist.

The inspiration and creativity for NYC spills from a failed relationship that’s proving hard to get past, providing rawness in her lyrics amongst a soul-drenched, yet uplifting sound. The lyrics speak for themselves: “I search for you in every place,” she laments. “I left my heart in New York City…wherever I go, there’s a part of you that’s with me…”

“For me, this song is about looking back on a relationship that you can’t get over and acknowledging that constant feeling that you’ve lost a part of yourself or that you’ve left something of you with that person,” Tiggi explains. “It’s a bit of both past and present, reminiscing on what you had and then still looking, longing for and craving both it – and them! – on a daily basis.”

Tiggi still creates and collaborates at London’s Tileyard Studios but this particular single was written while she was on a writing camp. “There were a few people involved which is what the creative process is all about!” The track was produced by Haj, and Negin Djafari and Hannah Wilson were the co-writers, whilst James Reynolds was on mixing duties.

For Tiggi her main goal with music is the connection, “if even one person can listen to any of my songs and feel like it was written about them and their situation or even for them then that, to me, is a huge achievement.” With Remedy supported everywhere from Kiss FM to BBC Radio 1, Tiggi Hawke’s NYC is a reminder that this straight-talking vocalist shoots from the hip as she writes and sings straight from the heart whilst her undeniable talent continues to shine amongst her pop peers.

Tiggi Hawke – NYC is out now via Armada.


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