Ruebik Shares His Spotify Playlist Selections Following The Release Of ‘Ashes’

ruebik spotify playlist

The second single released from the recently revealed compilation album on Netherlands based High Tea Music, ‘Ashes’ sees Ruebik pull no punches alongside talented vocalist Michèle Ducray.

After making a name for himself in 2020, winning the NZ Music Month competition hosted by Toocut and George FM, he’s risen from strength to strength, being based in drum & bass hotspot New Zealand and boasting a huge array of DJ support. Now he takes his sound internationally, with this most recent release as part of High Tea Music’s roster proving the label’s penchant for a diverse range of music.

Below you can find a Spotify playlist compiled by Ruebik, detailing the tracks which have influenced his journey. The new release can be found for streaming or purchase here, and dive in to his curated playlist below:

Nothing Left – Bensley Remix

I absolutely love how clean the production is on this track. The arrangement creates an extremely boppy rhythm, with a happy and upbeat theme to it .

Camo & Krooked – No Way Out (ft. Mira Lu Kovacs)

Mira Lu Kovacs creates an emotional masterpiece with her vocals to compliment the classical symphony C&K uses to build the lush intro, only to later drop into a heavily distorted bassline. A beautiful play between classical instruments and electronic synths.

Camo & Krooked – Overture

The complexity of the arpeggiated pluck instrument, organically changing tempo while loosely following the beat, creates a unique listening experience as it is mixed into the classic C&K distorted bassline and symphonic sounds. A true masterpiece packed full of beautifully arrayed foley sounds and emotions.

Camo & Krooked – No Tomorrow

Another classical symphony inspired track, full of emotion, breaks into a high energy drop with a duo of distorted bass instruments that harmonise into a awe inspiring melody.

Kanine – One

The sheer power of the bassline in this track gives me shivers. A simple but powerfully distorted synth bass instrument that goes straight for the jugular, while being contrasted by the lush female vocals.

Kanine – XTC

A very similar theme to the previous track, but even heavier. I love the movement Kanine creates within the bass instrument, keeping the melody simple, yet adding lots of nuances to listen to.

Primate – Slow

A beautiful caracal themed intro which builds into a high energy jump up drop, with short stabby melodies. I love this track as it has so much energy and gets a great response from the crowd when played out.

Skepsis – Freak (Used Remix)

The bassline in this track is simple yet super effective, full of life with a happy and upbeat melody. Great to get the dancefloor going.

Pythius – All I Know

The fast plucking melody in this track is full of emotion complimented with uplifting vocals and a simple, yet beautifully effective bassline for a great listening experience

Maduk – Our Love Will Grow (Andromedik Remix)

A very upbeat track with pop themed piano and catchy vocal hooks, with a simple, yet beautifully distorted bassline and melody. A great sing along track for any dancefloor


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