Shingo Nakamura and Stendahl Reunite For Their Third Collaboration “Tribute, Chapter III” on Monstercat

shingo nakamura tribute chapter iii

Lauded Japanese progressive house producer Shingo Nakamura and Russian DJ and instrumentalist Stendahl return to Monstercat Silk for the next iteration of their ongoing collaborative series, “Tribute, Chapter III.”

Combining the euphoric piano melodies that Stendahl is known for, with Shingo’s signature atmospheric style, yields a piece in the duo’s storied partnership that allows their artistic vision to soar. This is the third single to arrive off Shingo’s forthcoming anticipated album, ‘Glow,’ due out June 11.

Shingo shares, “I was introduced to Stendahl through Silk Music in 2014. The combination of his beautiful piano melodies and my sound was so good that we started to collaborate regularly, and we named our ongoing series, “Tribute.” In order to give his melodies more shine, this track is simpler than our previous two collaborations. I hope you can relax and enjoy listening to it.”

Stendahl adds, “My first single ever released was “Tribute” with Shingo in 2014. I sent him a demo with beautiful piano melodies and he loved it. It was such a great start for my music career and now, six years later, we’re back with the final chapter! I’m super stoked to be back to Monstercat Silk and I hope this piece of art will be enjoyed by the entire Monstercat community!”


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