Showtek Steps Up For Epic House Anthem ‘Welcome Back Home’ 

showtek welcome back home

As the world celebrates the return of dance music in these cheerful, post-covid times, internationally acclaimed duo Showtek delivers the ultimate soundtrack.

“Welcome Back Home,” says it all, with its inspired vocals, courtesy of MC Ambush, uplifting piano chords, and lively house beats, obviously coming straight from the heart, letting our return to the dance floor be as memorable as it can get. A destined 2022 anthem, you’ll feel this tune forever, out now on Skink Records.

DJ/producer duo Showtek has a right to speak out here, being responsible for a long series of memorable festival hits and high-energy performances since the early 10s. As an integral part of the EDM explosion, the Dutch brothers conquered the world with classics like “Cannonball,” “Booyah” and the David Guetta collabs “Bad (feat. Vassy),” and “Your Love.”

Continuously evolving their sound, Showtek remained an act to be reckoned with, showcasing their melody-powered hooks and beat-heavy songs, building an impressive catalog where hardstyle, big room, electro, and old school house music all blended into an esteemed, high-quality production style.

Like many artists, Showtek was forced into lockdown these last two years. But now, as festival blood is pumping again, they deliver a clear sign of relief and happiness with their dreamed return to the live stage: “Welcome Back Home.”

The record’s lyrics already speak volumes, with seasoned party starter MC Ambush letting the audience know ‘today we’re here together. We all made it through the storm.’ This vibe of consolation is musically emphasized by spirited piano chords and fierce but oldschool house beats. ‘Bring back the unity’ is shouted out, before a huge bass line takes the lead, prepping the crowd for a jubilant drop into freedom. The love is felt, house music is breathing again, and so are the people.

“Welcome Back Home” is a celebration of all that we lost for a moment. Freedom, lust for life, and being among kindred spirits in the middle of the dance floor. Showtek perfectly knows its way around these sentiments, doing what it does best, creating an anthem that will last a lifetime.

Welcome Back Home.


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