Silque return to STMPD RCRDS with two huge BASS HOUSE slammers on ‘Savage’ EP

Silque Savage ep

FACT: Silque is making some of the most exciting house music around right now.

For those who like their house bass-heavy, high-energy and hard-grooving, no-one does it better. Returning to STMPD RCRDS with another two slammers this month, the rising Dutch duo has nailed it again.

Chunky, distorted beats thump away in the intro to ‘Savage’ as subtle FX twists to and fro. A tense hip-hop vocal injects some sass in the break before a gnarly bass drop bores through the track like a drill. The taut beats snap hard against the guttural low end, wobbling sub filters soon adding a dubstep tinge. The next breakdown lays on more twisted sci-fi synths, growling and swirling in a menacing fashion. The buzzing bass returns after the drop, rasping more intensely still while vocal chops add more rhythmic flow.

‘Blow’ opts for a galloping ‘90s house/garage style percussive rhythm, with playful synth notes adding a jaunty twist. Another moody hip-hop vocal takes center stage, with a more nonchalant vibe than the previous track. Another hardcore bass drop greets us as the track slams back down, and Silque keeps us on our toes with plenty of exciting twists. A metallic breakbeat rhythm joins in the main break while the bass hovers menacingly in the distance, and a hugely satisfying build & drop finishes us off for once and for all, with another octave of bass pressure added to heat things up even more. Irresistible.


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