Skyler Madison Unveils Stunning Melodic Bass Single “Chasing Stars”

skyler madison chasing stars

After making her Monstercat debut last month, LA-based producer Skyler Madison returned to the label today with her beautiful new single, “Chasing Stars.”

Drawing inspiration from her inner monologue, the personal lyrics serve as a reminder to herself to slow down, stay grounded in the present moment, and appreciate the beauty of what surrounds her.

In “Chasing Stars,” the beauty lies within each melodic layer, and with a perfect mixdown, listeners can hear everything from the deep basses and pulsating chords to the trap-inspired hi-hats and subtle cymbal rides. It’s this meticulous attention to detail that fully showcases Skyler’s unique style and ever-evolving production skills.

Skyler Madison shares, “Take time to slow down and appreciate the moment today. We as humans are either constantly looking forward to the future or looking back at the past, but we never truly take the time to appreciate the present-day moment.”

An eclectic fusion of future bass, trap, and hip-hop, Skyler’s signature “future trap” style has quickly set her apart from others in the bass space. After a successful decade-long career as an open-format DJ, she recently started a new chapter in her life as a producer.

Since then, she’s garnered immense support from industry greats such as Flux Pavillion, SLANDER, Flosstradamus, and Krewella, to name a few. With more Monstercat music on the way and upcoming graduation from the prestigious ICON Collective, the burgeoning producer is on track to have her biggest year yet.


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