Stupead releases proud new single – Viva El Peru

Viva El Peru

Hugo Camedda is the multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer behind the Stupead project. Releasing the celebratory Viva El Peru single, Stupead begins to build the hype for his upcoming summer EP.

At the ripe age of 7, Stupead set foot upon his first musical journey at a French music school where he learned to play the drums and later classical guitar. Heavily influenced by bands like Rage Against the Machine and Black Keys, Stupead formed a rock band with friends from college. After the years passed Daft Punk ignited an electronic music passion, and Stupead was born. Previous support from massive tastemakers Majestic Casual and MrSuicideSheep ensured a quick signing from Sony, and his exciting musical career continued…

Drawing energy from eclectic music, Stupead has created an expansive electro trademark which we see in new single Viva El Peru. Engulfed in sound, Stupead has a way of creating a massive track that holds rhythmic and acoustic percussions. Using a base of piano chords, this atmospheric track continues the theme of heady melodies and reminiscent summer memories that we expected from up and coming producer Stupead.

Download it here.


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