Tep No releases vibrant new single, “I’m Evil”


Enigmatic Canadian DJ & producer Tep No unveils his infectious new single ‘I’m Evil’, out now via Ultra Music.

‘I’m Evil’ flaunts soft dreamy chords with a melodic bassline to create a chime-led heartbeat to the track. Displaying his penchant for percussion, Tep No’s hip-swaying grooves layer delicately under downtempo vocals to give the song a soothing, laidback feel.

Launching his career in 2014 with his identity shrouded in mystery, Tep No quickly became renowned for his signature sound, marked by electric guitar and breathy vocals in addition to electronica sounds. He later teamed up with upcoming vocalist Jessica Hart on several releases including fan favourite, ‘A Different You’. In 2016, the Canadian producer received widespread acclaim for his summer single ‘The Best Crew’, which has surpassed 27 million plays on Spotify alone.

Tep No’s latest single is a solid testament to his vibrant production style. With more sun-soaked tracks on the horizon, ‘I’m Evil’ is a solid insight on what’s to come from the Canadian DJ this year.


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