Terrell Carter – Hero (TATE SEDAR Remix)

terrell carter tate sedar remix

Powerful promo for “Hero (TATE SEDAR) Remix” by Terrell Carter includes shots from John Hafner, Los Angeles, CA (Mar 31) “Hero” (25K+ streams) by Terrell Carter (X Factor, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Empire) & eMMber and its remix by TATE SEDAR get a promo vid that invigorates listeners to question the social injustices recognized in 2020. Shots of Carter by John Hafner are included; the official music video is set for release later this spring.

The remix by SEDAR is the main feature on the remix EP (released March 26) and was produced to match the emotions & narrative of Freedom Summer.

A prodigious vision, the electro remix & promo bring to life honest lines such as: “They killed a man on the news / What are they gonna do?”

The video sets viewers back in May-July of 2020 with facial expressions & visual messages we’re too familiar with. The track boasts larger-than-life plucks, scratch FX and Carter’s uncompromising range along with homage to breakbeat and 90s rave. The significance of the scenes & sounds echoes beyond protest lines or large-scale music venues; it emphasizes the late need to end enforcement brutality & inequity and that Carter & SEDAR won’t cease their efforts. “

“The ideas for the remix and promo were instant. It was organic, maybe because it was time to speak again, but with more serious passion, on the longstanding issues.” – TATE SEDAR

Terrell Carter continues to fill screens post-Tyler Perry projects and headphones after writing for Bad Boy Records. After X Factor & Empire, he has starred in his own feature films and is credited in the upcoming “Untold: Back & Forth the Aaliyah Story” documentary. eMMber, the producer of “Hero,” graduated from Icon Collective and has played alongside Billy Basil (f.k.a. Billy the Kid), Ofier & Bones; he is one of the founders of Better Together Records, of which the track & remixes are released on.

Remixer TATE SEDAR performed on the EDC Virtual Rave-a-Thon in 2020 and has opened for household names i.e. Wolfgang Gartner, Cash Cash & DallasK.

Download the track here.


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