Greek Producer Terry Da Libra Releases Soothing EP ‘U’

terry da libra u

Progressive house producer and Monstercat Silk veteran Terry Da Libra today unveiled his new dreamy EP, ‘U.’

Since making his Silk debut in 2010, the Greek producer has gone on to release numerous singles and EPs with the label and is now a co-host for Monstercat Silk’s weekly radio show.

A testament to his ability to craft exquisite soundscapes, ‘U’ leaves listeners feeling weightless, immersing them in warm synths and pianos, bright atmospheric pads, and relaxing percussive elements. Inspired by his experience during the lockdown in Greece, ‘U’ tells the story of two individuals separated by the circumstances of the world and their perseverance to remain connected against all odds.

Terry Da Libra shares, “‘U’ is a romantic EP about two people and how much they’ve missed seeing each other under difficult circumstances.”

‘U’ EP Tracklist:

1. U
2. Need Your Love
3. U (Extended Mix)
4. Need Your Love (Extended Mix)


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