Timmy Trumpet Enters The Metaverse & Beyond With Ground-breaking Multi-layered NFT, ‘ETERNAL’

timmy trumpet eternal

ETERNAL is an immersive NFT that bridges the gap between the possibilities of the metaverse, and real-life experiences as an international superstar DJ. ”

The auction winner will be flying with Timmy on a private jet to two of the biggest festivals in the world and taking ownership of his most prized possession.

The NFT, designed by artist, Alex Comeau, is a key that unlocks physical ownership of Timmy’s actual custom-made Trumpet, the first in existence. Timmy has performed with his trumpet on multiple world tours for over 100 million people, including festivals like UNTOLD, AMF and Tomorrowland. Click the links of the festivals to see the Trumpet in action. Timmy’s performances have clocked over a billion views online.

Timmy’s Trumpet is backed by a Mattereum Asset Passport, a ledger of decentralized smart contracts verifying the authenticity of the physical item. The asset is vaulted in a secured facility, where it is insured for $1,000,000 (USD) and can only be accessed by request of the ETERNAL Passport holder, via contact through an encrypted and secured portal. The Asset Passport is championed by Mattereum, a UK company founded by CEO Vinay Gupta, who among a long list of achievements coordinated the release of the blockchain platform, Ethereum.

“I wanted to make my first NFT my most valued possession. It’s been my lifelong dream to one day have my own custom trumpet made just for me. My father taught me how to play, his father taught him. There is nothing more personal to me.” – Timmy Trumpet

ETERNAL magnifies the most important aspect of an NFT – instantly verifying ownership via the blockchain, in a non-traditional way.

“You can ‘right click save’ this NFT, but you can’t right click save my trumpet, play it in your studio, or do with it whatever you like.”

ETERNAL also acts as a gateway to an ever-evolving line of NFT productions that have been in the making for over 18 months. Timmy was on tour in America with Steve Aoki in March 2020 when global lockdowns came crashing in. It was during this time that Timmy’s eyes were opened to the endless possibilities and creativity in the world of Web3.

“In the most isolated time of our lives, I wanted to start experimenting and building experiences that could link people wherever they are in the world. The holder of the ETERNAL Passport will be able to preview all of my current and future projects before anyone else and will be whitelisted to every NFT project I’m involved in for the rest of time” explains Timmy Trumpet.

Timmy is launching an interconnected string of utility driven projects that pushes the boundaries of collaborative creativity. These collabs include iconic global brands, original music projects with superstar artists, and interactive experiences with the biggest collections in existence today. Following the drop of ETERNAL, Timmy will immediately announce a metaverse megaproject that is fully executed and ready to experience now.

The ETERNAL auction will begin at 11:00 PT, 2.22.22 on Origin Protocol and will run for 72 hours. Timmy Trumpet joins the likes of ground-breaking blockchain enthusiasts, Paris Hilton and 3LAU who have launched world-first NFT’s through the Origin platform.


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