VAN DUO deliver an electronic music masterclass on “Almond”

VAN DUO Almond

You can always count on VAN DUO to deliver some really classy dancefloor material.

After their impressive US a few months back, they return to STMPD RCRDS with another highly accomplished piece of work in the form of Almond.

Almond begins with progressive house feels, all muted synth arpeggios and misty atmospheres. A languid beat brings the rhythm as a nagging lead pulse in crisp contrast to the murky beginnings. Slowly soaring melodies emerge before we plunge into a spine-tingling breakdown of shimmering, icy melody. This melodic element is gated into a staccato rhythm is the beat returns, with breathy vocal cuts deployed over the warm and subtle low end. With more gentle atmospheric and melodic layers pasted into the edges and background, a heady feel is created that takes you on a real trip. This understated track sounds like it was made for the dancefloors of Burning Man, mystical, hypnotic and succinctly powerful.

VAN DUO counts the likes of Kölsch, Black Coffee, RÜFÜS DU SOL, Agoria and Gusgus among their fans. Preferring to keep a low, mysterious profile rather than hogging the limelight, they truly let their music do the talking. And rightly so when it sounds so damn good.


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