Wax Motif Releases Official Music Video For His Latest Release ‘Thrills’

wax motif thrills

Wax Motif is offering up another rush of adrenaline with the release of the official music video for his latest single, “Thrills,” featuring Jaxon Rose.

The Divided Souls label-boss has been swerving through the space with nonstop heat, as he gradually works his way through to his highly anticipated debut album.

At the end of June, he broke off a tantalizing afterhours house number penned about chasing the highs of life with a reckless abandon. The smoldering single was backed by a riveting R&B-infused topline from fellow Aussie Jaxon Rose, the vocalist/guitarist from the four-piece psychedelic rock outfit Sunrose Band, as well as the mastermind behind a burgeoning solo project under his own name.

Flirting with danger, Wax and Rose came together to serve up a thrill-seeking anthem for those who prefer to live out their days in the fast lane. A few weeks in the aftermath of their pulse-raising crossover collab, the boys are now ready to take their hedonistic creation from the speakers straight to the screen.

“Jaxon Rose and I dropped a vibe for your late-night drive,” says Wax Motif. “Here is our song ‘Thrills,’ which is the latest single from my forthcoming album ‘Hard Street.’”

Theme parks have long been regarded as a veritable playground for adrenaline junkies, making it the perfect backdrop for the track’s official music video.

In it, Jaxon Rose steps in as the main attraction, as he narrates the racy relationship shared by Motif and his equally risk-taking love interest.

Shot with a voyeuristic home video aesthetic, it follows the carefree couple from a seemingly wholesome day spent frolicking from ride to ride, before descending into a blurry-eyed, daze-filled adventure after dusk.

As Rose’s brazen vocal delivery and Wax’s insatiable groove slowly dwindle to a close, the two troublemakers are shown hopping in the whip while they leave any semblance of regret hanging in the rearview.

“Thrills” arrived only a month after Wax pulled up with his floor-filling collab “Need You,” alongside the menacing bass house duo Phlegmatic Dogs.

With his long-awaited album scheduled to hit the road soon, make sure to strap in because Wax Motif is not slowing down anytime soon.


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