Will Sparks Releases New Single, ‘Patience’ Featuring Kayla Zito

will sparks patience

Electronic dance music visionary Will Sparks is rounding out the year with a bang, releasing a thunderous new single, “Patience” on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records.

The single will be available on all major streaming platforms on Nov. 12.

Will Sparks’ knack for musical experimentation is apparent in his latest single, which opens with ethereal vocals by Kayla Zito before dropping into an energetic dance rhythm that Will Sparks has long been celebrated for.

The Australian artist is known for pioneering the Melbourne Bounce sub-genre of EDM, solidifying the artist as a mainstay on the festival scene with his tracks routinely gracing the top of dance music charts.

For “Patience,” Will Sparks borrows elements from his much-loved house genre while seamlessly integrating a hardstyle production that results in a truly invigorating track. The track is yet another example of Will Sparks’ willingness to experiment with unique arrangements in a genre that he’s already dominated.

Fans will also be happy to know that “Patience” comes just as Will Sparks is setting his sights on his recently announced Sparksmania 2022 Tour around Australia. Will Sparks will be supported by artists ShortRound, YANZO and Eric Sidey.

After an already remarkable year despite ongoing challenges from the coronavirus pandemic, Will Sparks is setting himself up for another groundbreaking tour that will showcase his ongoing mission to push his musical boundaries within the dance music genre. The work Will Sparks produced in 2021 is just the beginning of what the incredibly talented dance music visionary is capable of.


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