WRLD unveils Indie pop single – Hang UP


Over the span of WRLD’s young career, he has spread his reach into virtually every subgenre under the dance music umbrella.

And now with his newest single “Hang Up”, the Dutch artist once again expands on his versatility with a vibrant Indie Pop single. Featuring the vocals of Savoi, “Hang Up” is a perfect summery tune to embrace the warmer weather and changing seasons. As such a promising young act with so much road ahead of him, WRLD certainly won’t be phoning-it-in anytime soon.

About WRLD

With WRLD’s abilities and skill-set, one may think that he is superhuman. One might think he is from a musically superior galaxy.

The 18 year old phenomenon from the Netherlands dove into music production while messing around on various softwares after being inspired by major names such as Owl City. Pretty soon, the young producer caught Monstercat’s eye in response to a demo he had submitted.

It wasn’t long before WRLD was taken into the Vancouver label’s realm and considered a core family member. The Chase It EP is testament to the bright future he has ahead of him… maybe one day it will lead us to the answer of whether WRLD is of this Earth.


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