NonProfit A Greener Festival Revealed Its List Of Most Sustainable Festivals In 2022

agf world's greenest festival 2022

A Greener Festival (AGF) is a non-profit organization which is dedicated to improving sustainability of events, tours, venues and more and they have revealed 43 festivals and events from across the globe with certification of sustainability.

After reviewing a number of global events with a certification process developed over 17 years, they narrowed it down to awarding a number of festivals from over 12 countries with the AGF Certification for Sustainability in 2022.

Among the 43 festivals awarded, they were broken down into the categories of Outstanding, Highly Commended, Commended, and Improvers. Nine out of those 43 events received the ‘outstanding’ AGF Certification and these included DGTL, Shambhala, Paradise City Festival, among others. Find the complete list of winners on the AGF website here.

Recognizing the events that took part in demonstrating their commitment to improving sustainability, AGF CEO Claire O’Neill said in a statement “After the challenges of Covid and economic instability, we’re so happy that the festival and event sector increasingly fix sustainability at the top of the agenda, Our need to move away from fossil fuels, industrial animal agriculture, and towards clean energy and mobility, enhanced biodiversity and diversity has never been more stark. We congratulate those who are taking responsibility and action, and stress there is much work still to be done.”

Ricardo Alves from Boom Festival also shared in a statement, ““We are always working towards improving our sustainability and environmental impact. We defined five goals for the 2020/22 edition and we are really happy to have accomplished them fully, with projects including a new wastewater treatment plant, an increased number of eco-toilets, Improved recycling, more plant-based food options and planting native species of trees, shrubs and other plants. Doing Boom is contributing to raising awareness globally, which is why we continue to develop dozens of environmental and social projects and we are proud to be recognised for our activities.”

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