Audio – Rat Race EP

rat race

When it comes to dedication to drum and bass, industry heavyweight Audio is just about as committed as it gets.

From his long-standing reign in the scene to his drum and bass tattooed knuckles, Audio has always been held in high regard in the genre – and for good reason. Now returning to Blackout for his new EP, Audio gives us a taste of the Rat Race as he brings us one of his most hard-hitting works yet.

Hailing from the UK, Audio has immersed himself in the world of drum and bass for the past 15 years; releasing four albums, racking up countless 12”s and gracing the very best labels in the business (Virus, Blackout, RAM Records). His production is clean, sharp, powerful and every bit as impressive as the producer’s own passion when it comes to going the extra mile.

The Rat Race EP is a slice of explosive, unadulterated drum and bass that packs a punch. In other words, it’s exactly what you can expect when two powerhouses such as Blackout and Audio re-align. Download it here.


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