Audius Acquires Virtual Music Experience Platform


Audius, the largest decentralized music community and discovery platform for developers, artists and their fans, today announced its acquisition of virtual music experience platform

The move brings Audius into the rapidly expanding market of virtual concert performances and further establishes their presence in the growing music metaverse.

“At Audius, we are always excited to expand the ways that artists can interact with their most passionate fans,” said Audius CEO and co-founder, Roneil Rumburg. “ has built one of the most compelling environments for artists and their fans to meet virtually and is a natural extension of what the Audius community is building. We’re excited for the artists that love Audius to connect with their fans in the metaverse.”, a Barcelona-based company, was founded in 2019 by Ara Kevonian as a way for artists and fans to connect in newly imagined ways. The platform provides compelling interactive experiences for fans while unlocking new branding and monetization prospects for artists.

Their SoundClubs™ fuse virtual and physical worlds in ways that preserve the human essence and magic of spectacle, while exposing a range of organic touch-points for interaction and transaction.’s virtual concerts allow fans to join via webcam and interact with both the audience and artist in a lifelike manner.

The platform enables socialization through dancing and live reaction-based functions, and features cutting-edge spatial audio technology. Since its inception, the platform has seen notable artists like Firebeatz, Kill Paris, ill.Gates, and others take its virtual stage for intimate performances.

“My intention with was to produce the next best thing to a physical concert. The goal was to deliver an experience that allowed fans and artists to interact as their human selves. As we found out, that human element proved to be key in recreating the excitement that was lost in existing live stream and virtual concert offerings,” said CEO and founder Ara Kevonian. “I’m excited to bring to Audius and join the Audius ecosystem. Roneil and Forrest share the same vision of bringing more unique and compelling experiences to fans while giving the artist full creative freedom.”

“In, Ara has created a powerful new environment for artists and fans to interact in,” said Forrest Browning, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Audius. “There’s an ambitious product roadmap for as we work with Ara to create new virtual experiences for music fans.”

Established in 2018, Audius envisions a music industry with the artist at its center, empowering them with innovative ways to share their music and other experiences with their most passionate fans.

Audius is owned and operated by a vibrant, open-source community of artists, music fans, and developers from around the world, and is powered by its own crypto token, $AUDIO. The acquisition is a key component of Audius’ expansion into the music metaverse and continued mission to eliminate barriers from artist-to-fan interactions.


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