Barclay Crenshaw, The Visionary Behind Claude VonStroke, Announces Pivotal Shift With 2024 Headline Tour Ahead Of New Album, ‘Open Channel’

barclay crenshaw 2024 open channel lineup

Barclay Crenshaw, renowned for his pioneering work with Dirtybird Records, embarks on a pivotal transition with his 2024 headline tour, Open Channel.

Moving away from the house sound synonymous with his Claude VonStroke persona to the burgeoning realms of bass music, Crenshaw announces tour dates at iconic venues like Webster Hall, signifying a new musical era. The 13-stop tour announcement is a prelude to his much-anticipated album, Open Channel, set for a Spring release via Easier Said. Tickets go on sale December 8th at 9 AM PST / 12 PM EST:

Ahead of the tour, Crenshaw’s collaboration with Of The Trees, “Blue Mile ft. Strategy,” was released on December 1st, 2023, via Memory Palace. This track, a fusion of experimental bass/trap and original UK vocals from Strategy, debuted at their electrifying Red Rocks performance and highlights Crenshaw’s artistic range. The first single from the upcoming album Open Channel, titled “Big In The Game (feat. Snowy & Manga Saint Hilare),” is set for release on January 5th, 2024:

In a testament to discipline and creativity, Barclay Crenshaw’s journey to Open Channel is a story in itself. Over a period of 80 days, Crenshaw immersed himself in a transformative creative process of redefining his artistic identity. This period of focused music production was rooted in daily practices of beat making, cold showers, and meditation.

Embarking on a fresh path, this transition pays homage to the producer’s artistic origins, delving into avant-garde bass, electronica, hip-hop, and more. First introduced at the inaugural Dirtybird Campout, Barclay Crenshaw has continuously refined his craft through meticulously curated DJ sets, special edits, and brand-new productions. Since the 2017 self-titled album debut, Crenshaw’s sound has evolved, reflecting his early musical influences and keeping pace with the dynamic electronic music scene.

As part of his artistic transformation and hiatus from house music, Crenshaw is initiating the formation of a new community. This mission mirrors the original communal, grassroots energy of his camping festivals, transcending just a change in musical direction. It represents a deepened commitment to building a space for fans to connect and explore the ever-changing electronic music world via “open channels.” This approach, already gaining traction with his audience as seen in the enthusiastic response to his final Claude VonStroke shows, signifies a significant shift in Crenshaw’s career path, setting the stage for a new era of collective musical exploration and community building.

Quote from Barclay Crenshaw: “I dig and dig through countless genres and experiment so that you don’t have to. I want to play new music that makes you say, ‘Wow.’ Your algorithmic playlist is just a formula that echoes songs you like until you are completely pigeonholed. Let’s start a community of explorers that connects over great tunes and isn’t controlled by computers.”

For the Open Channel tour’s visual experience, Crenshaw collaborates with Gabriel Hall, aka LightBender, a master of projection mapping and digital art innovation. Hall’s decade-long partnership with Crenshaw has seen his art evolve, adding a unique visual flair to the tour. Complementing this is the artwork of Daniel Martin Diaz, an acclaimed Tucson-based artist featured in major publications such as the LA Times and NY Times, whose distinctive style graces Crenshaw’s album covers and mirrors the experimental and eclectic spirit of his music.

The tour, spanning from March to May 2024, will showcase Crenshaw’s unique talents across the United States in renowned venues, promising an experience that blends his musical past with a vision for the future. Notable stops include Chicago’s Concord Music Hall, New York City’s Webster Hall, The North Warehouse in Portland, and The Concourse Project in Austin. Each performance is tailored not only to entertain, but also to foster a sense of community among attendees, inviting them into the dynamic world of Barclay Crenshaw’s music.

Barclay Crenshaw 2024 ‘Open Channel’ Tour:

New York City, NY @ Webster Hall – March 8, 2024
Chicago, IL @ Concord Music Hall – March 9, 2024
Denver, CO @ Reelworks Denver – March 16, 2024
Detroit, MI @ Elektricity – March 29, 2024
Phoenix, AZ @ Walter Where? House – March 30, 2024
Los Angeles, CA @ The Mayan – April 5, 2024
Seattle, WA @ Showbox SoDo – April 18, 2024
Portland, OR @ The North Warehouse – April 20, 2024
Salt Lake City, UT @ Warehouse – April 27, 2024
Austin, TX @ The Concourse Project – May 4, 2024

Barclay Crenshaw’s Open Channel tour is set to feature an impressive lineup of artists, each known for their distinctive musical contributions. EPROM, following the hype of his 2023 Syntheism album and innovative Robotics live show, will showcase his experimental rhythms and cutting-edge music technology. Tiedye Ky is set to bring his eclectic sound, while rapidly-rising producer LYNY will energize the crowd with his high-octane, genre-blending beats. Super Future will light up the stage with a fusion of experimental bass and future-style synths. FLY will add his unique energy and hype, complemented by Great Dane’s enthralling beats. Sicaria introduces a rich mix of SWANA cultural influences, and Shiny Things is ready to captivate with his unique sound. This diverse group of artists promises to enhance the dynamic and exploratory spirit of Crenshaw’s bass music journey.

With Open Channel, Barclay Crenshaw celebrates the unconventional and the bold. It’s a call to those who embrace their distinctiveness within the music scene. Find more info on tickets here:

Pre-Save the first album single “Big In The Game (feat. Snowy & Manga Saint Hilare)” out January 5th, 2024 here:


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