The Return of the King: Carl Cox returns to EXIT Festival with a special 3 hour set!

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Carl Cox confirms his return to the legendary Dance Arena at EXIT Festival!

One of the greatest DJs of all time, and for many the very symbol of this profession, the great Carl Cox, has answered the call of fans and confirmed his return to the legendary Dance Arena at EXIT Festival next summer! Thanks to him, the energy will start high from the opening day on July 4, which he will close with a special three-hour set, lasting until the early morning hours!

This will also mark the ten-year anniversary of his famous closing set in 2009, easily one of the greatest parties in the history of electronic music.

“One of the best experiences for sure is when I played at EXIT festival”, Carl confirmed and added: “You have to play you, your soul, you have to play who you are, and that’s what’s really special about EXIT!”

Although his connection to EXIT is strong and lasting, he hasn’t played at the EXIT’s Dance Arena in years, due to his decision to reduce the number of shows as much as possible. This makes each of his appearances in front of the audience an exclusive and one of the experiences that should not be missed.

“Everyone in the EXIT Team is very excited to have Carl next year!”, stated the festival founder Dušan Kovačević and added: “Ever since he decided to reduce the number of his shows and perform only on special occasions, the question was whether he would ever return. The emotional invitation we sent out together with the fans has confirmed that Carl also wants to be back at EXIT to write down some of the best pages in the history books of our beloved Dance Arena.”

The return of this true DJ legend to EXIT came about after a joint effort between the festival organizers and the numerous fans. Soon after he won the annual poll where the fans voted him their no.1 wish for the Dance Arena lineup, EXIT published a video in which they invite “King Carl” to return to the fortress.

The fans joined right in, sharing the video with the #CarlCoxEXIT hashtag, inviting the living legend to return in front of the “most hard-core audience”, as he called them in one of his numerous interviews about EXIT Festival. The popular DJ answered right away that he will indeed perform at officially the Best Major European Festival. In one of the interviews, Carl Cox said that EXIT is bound to get “two or three more of those in the future” after the first title won in 2013. and the prophecy indeed came true earlier this year.

Carl cox exit festival 2019

Carl Cox has been one of the most wanted DJs in the world for decades and after 15 seasons of his legendary “Revolution” parties on Ibiza, he left the Space club in 2016 as the person who made it into one of the greatest clubs in the world, after which he was crowned the unofficial king of this unique island. Apart from this, until 2017 he had his Global Radio Show which had up to 17 million listeners a week in 35 countries, after 16 years on the air.

Book your tickets here, for what promises to yet another unbelievable edition of EXIT.

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