Daft Punk Releases Original Storyboards For The Iconic “Around The World” Video

daft punk around the world

Earlier today, the Daft Punk website was updated and said “Archives loading…” and as always with the smallest change or updates on their website or socials, the speculations were growing galore.

Daft Punk had three singles in their journey that made it to the Hot 100 charts, and “Around The World” was one of them. One of the most iconic tracks from their 1997 debut album ‘Homework’, today the original storyboards from the making of the video were shared by the now-disbanded duo.

This video has previously been released on the 1997 DVD titled D.A.F.T., however, with it now being shared on YouTube, it has reached an entirely different level of the bands’ fanbase. The video clip has been directed by Michel Gondry, the French filmmaker who eventually went on to make films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and also did visuals for the likes of Radiohead, Björk, and more.

Watch the clip below and try to temporarily forget the sad fact that the duo is now disbanded.

H/T – Pitchfork

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