Diplo Issues Statement After Gunshots Were Fired During Major Lazer Performance at the Carnival in Brazil

brazil carnival 2020 shooting diplo

Diplo is part of a number of different supergroups and duos, but one that has been around and successful for a while now is Major Lazer.

While the crew has been around Brazil for multiple performances during Carnival time, all didn’t go well during one of their scheduled performances in Sao Paulo earlier this week.

Last Tuesday, minutes before Major Lazer was set to perform, shots were fired in what is being called an attempted theft, during which one man and one woman were hurt, but survived.

Remezcla reported witnesses at the scene stating that “the shootout took place after a man attempted to snatch a chain off of someone’s neck in the audience. The victim pulled out a gun and shot the alleged thief in the stomach and a woman in the thigh.” They also said Diplo reportedly ducked for cover as security guards ran to protect him and audience members in moments.

While the incident brought the festivities to a screeching halt, as Diplo went on to reveal in his social media post about the incident, they were almost all set to go in just 15 minutes after the incident once the medical teams could assess the situation. But at that point, the weather gods decided to disappoint and in what he explained as “Brazil started to cry” thunder and lightning accompanied by pouring rains disrupted and lead to them cancelling their set.

Diplo wrote in Portuguese, “I am very sad to know that people were hurt in a moment of joy and happiness like Carnival. It’s been 20 years since I came to Brazil and it was the first time that I witnessed any type of violence. But we must not let this end the freedom brought by the spirit of Carnival.”

He then continued in English to say, “This is a tough country. It’s bulletproof, maybe even invincible. It’s definitely blessed. We were actually ready 15 minutes later to get on and do a show for everyone in Sao Paulo just as we made sure the medical teams were good. But that’s when thunder and lightning started to pour down as if Brazil started to cry. I will see you next year Sao Paulo because you know we love you.”

In the spirit of Carnival, just hours later, Diplo also went on to share some of the highlights from other shows during their Brazillian leg of concerts in Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte announcing their final gig in Rio de Janeiro.

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