Co-Inventor Of The Moog Synth Herb Deutsch Celebrates His 90th Birthday With New GIANTS Documentary Series

herb deutsch giants documentary series

On February 9, 2022, co-inventor of the Moog synth and music pioneer Herb Deutsch turns 90 years old.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Moog Music is releasing his story as told by himself in this cinematic short, which is the first episode of GIANTS.

‘GIANTS’ is a platform for legendary electronic musicians and innovators to express themselves through the art of storytelling. This new documentary series, filmed and produced by Moog Music, is about honoring and preserving the legacy of these artists and sharing their untold stories with the world.

In the pantheon of popular music, there are few underdogs with a bigger influence than Herb, who was responsible for the keyboard interface of the synth design that ended up being adopted early by rock and pop artists including The Rolling Stones, Monkees, Beatles, and Byrds.

The first installment of ‘GIANTS’ focuses on Herb Deutsch, co-inventor of the Moog modular synthesizer. The composer, music educator, friend, and collaborator of Bob Moog journeys back in time to talk about some of music history’s most prolific moments and expand on “the perfect definition” of what music is and can be: sound organized in time.

During the episode, Herb shares untold stories about his first collaboration with Bob Moog, one that would change the sound of music forever. Journeying back to the historical real-world events happening around him at the time that influenced his creation.

The legendary New York native, who for over a quarter of a century and to this day has remained the Professor Emeritus of Electronic Music and composition at Hofstra University, has also worked as a marketing and educational consultant and co-founded the Long Island Composers’ Alliance.

Other episodes of the GIANTS series in addition to Herb Deutsch, will feature trailblazers like early modular synthesizer adopter Bernie Krause, modular synthesis legend Suzanne Ciani, and Mute Records founder Daniel Miller as they describe their passions, inspirations, origin stories, and never-before-heard revelations. Through spoken interviews, original music, and visuals, these artists share their perspectives around how electronic music has evolved and provide context for their place in that story.

Watch the first episode of GIANTS with Herb Deutsch here.

Here’s wishing the legend Herb Deutsch a very Happy 90th Birthday and many more healthy happy years to follow!

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