ILLENIUM Launches ‘The Phoenix Family’ Powered By The Polygon Blockchain

illenium decentralized fan

ILLENIUM has launched a decentralized fan community called ‘The Phoenix Family’ powered by the Polygon blockchain.

The Grammy-nominated dance music superstar said this community is meant to give diehard “Illenials” have first access to all things ILLENIUM.

With the name drawing from the Phoenix which is ILLENIUM’s signature, including his logo among other things, The Phoenix Family was developed in partnership with Medallion which is a Web3 platform that helps artists enhance their connections with their fans.

In a message shared by ILLENIUM himself on the launch of the community, he said, “The Phoenix Family is a new home for us to come together where I’ll be sharing exclusive content, first access for all things ILLENIUM and new ways for us to connect and collaborate.”

He went on to share, “This community will be a place for us to explore new technologies and connect directly, free from any intermediaries, third-parties or algorithms. It will be a place where I share things first before they hit the public.”

The decentralized network will also allow the opportunity for his top fans to be rewarded with exclusive access and special opportunities that will be available nowhere else. Currently, fans can sign up to join “The Phoenix Family” by way of an access pass which enables them to claim a free digital collectible in the form of the “Phoenix Family Medallion” which can then also be redesigned using AI.

Fans interested in signing up to join “The Phoenix Family” can do so here.

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