Australian TikToker Makes $49,000 A Month By Allowing His Followers To Blast EDM As He Tries To Sleep

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And in today’s absurd TikTok trend, Australian TikTok’er Jake Boehm earns an alleged $49,000 a month to allow his followers to disrupt his sleep as they blast EDM music via a Livestream.

While the things users do to gain traction on TikTok are unique to say the least, having people disrupt your sleep every single night is taking it to the next level. In what he now calls ‘Interactive Live Sleep Stream’, for 7 hours each night he invites fans to purchase different options through the app, which are called ‘gifts’ and all have different consequences in the room that Jake tries to sleep in.

Over time, the options as to how his followers can disrupt his sleep have recently grown as he added bubble machines, lasers, and loud sirens, etc. Stating that the live stream has “changed his life forever” the TikTok star spoke to where he stated,

“It started as one single gift and one sound, we now have lights, bubble machines, inflatables, laser lights, and over 20 sound effects. – Every night is the same, a sound or light is activated every 10-15 seconds, it’s constant all night. I plan to keep doing the lives every night and adding new features. As long as people are watching and gifting, I’ll be live.”


Play loud sounds and keep me awake! Join the live now

♬ original sound – Jakey – Interactive Sleep 😴

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