Marshmello Pushes to Stop L’Oreal From Trying to Trademark “The Marsh Mellow”

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In an unlikely battle, Marshmello is attempting to stop beauty and makeup megabrand L’oreal from registering the term “The Marsh Mello” for a new product.

In a new submission made by the artist to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, he has opposed the brand from registering the new trademark with similarity to relatable and phonetic similarity to his artist name.

As explained by Mandour Law, in March 2020, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office received an application from L’Oreal to register the trademark “The Marsh Mellow.” On October 28, however, Marshmello filed an opposition requesting that the trademark not be granted.

While we’re left wondering how or why Marshmello might care about the term being used by a makeup brand, the filing of the opposition revealed new details. While Mashmello has cashed in on his brand for many a venture outside of his music, among other things he is the face of Stuffed Puffs marshmallows, has launched an animated YouTube series called Mellodees, and is clearly interested in pursuing additional ventures across industries.

As reported by, the brief states, “Marshmello, through related entities, sells or intends to sell health and beauty products, including make-up.” Although the Marshmello trademark does not currently cover makeup preparations specifically, he has filed applications to register “The Mello Brand,” which would cover a variety of Marshmello merchandise brands all spun off from his alias. His current trademarks range from DJing services to beverages, but cosmetics seems to be well outside of the DJ’s current scope.

L’Oréal currently has until December 7th to respond to Marshmello’s opposition.

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