Spotify app now on App Store, Google Play in India

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How to download Spotify in India


After months (maybe years) of anticipation, Spotify is now available for download in India on the App Store & Google Play, paving the way for its launch in the country.

A mere few hours after Gadgets 360 reported its pricing info, the application is accessible to anyone who searches for it, from the Indian market, on App Store and Google Play.

spotify download india

The app is free to download, obviously. It also seems like Spotify is giving Indian users a taste of its extended offerings. Internationally, free subscription users face a lot of restrictions, like limited song skips and no individual song selection. These do not appear to apply in India for now. However, it is likely to change in the future (fingers crossed)!

For Android users, you can download the app here.

For Apple users, you can download the app here.

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The earlier news that Spotify would hit the Indian shores by January 2019 has proven to be insignificant as the launch ended up taking place in February 2019.

H/T: Gadgets 360

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