Steve Aoki Partners With Collector Archive Services (CAS) To Launch Audio Media Grading

steve aoki audio media grading

Steve Aoki has partnered with Collector Archive Services (CAS) to launch a brand new and first of its kind music media grading service called Audio Media Grading (AMG) which aims to level set the market by creating an acceptable industry standard for music and audio assets as has been for products like Baseball and Pokémon cards, etc. already.

As explained on their official site, “Audio Media Grading (AMG) provides preservation, archiving, display, grading, authentication, and other services to collectors, buyers and sellers of audio media products. Our mission is to provide collectors and investors with an expert and impartial standard by which to judge any item.”

In a social media announcement introducing the service, Aoki shared in his post that the aim is for AMG to be used as a tool for music collectors and audiophiles, to finally be able to see how their content grades in comparison to others’ saved pieces in the collectibles market.

The venture will assist in facilitating the review and authentication of physical music assets like vinyl, CDs, tapes, 8tracks, and more, while the end result will showcase the asset in a laminated plaque with a 1-10 score, depending on the condition. In addition, collectors will also receive a certificate of authenticity, with a review fee for each asset starting at $50.

Find more information about Audio Media Grading here.

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