Submerge are premiering the signature Anjunadeep stage this year!


All the Anjunadeep fans in India are in for a treat! Submerge brings back the famed Anjunadeep to two cities in India this year.


For more information on Anjunadeep Goa, RSVP here.


For more information on Anjunadeep Mumbai, RSVP here.

The showcase takes place on the 29th of December in Goa and the 30th of December in Mumbai. With a lineup that is studded by some of the biggest stars of the label including Martin Roth, Dom Donnelly, Tontario and Theo Kottis along with Indian superstars Praveen Achary and Browncoat, we can’t wait for this one to happen already!

Submerge will be recreating the signature Anjunadeep stage this year. Nestled in leaves and vines, the stage will have a very natural and earthy vibe to it with a lot of plants and wood. After all, considering it is a sundowner, the stage will be picturesque with the backdrop of the setting sun along the sun kissed shores of Mumbai and Goa.


Anjunadeep was launched in 2005 by the legendary trio “Above & Beyond”. The mission behind launching the sublabel was to promote the deeper and more progressive sounds.

Having developed a sterling reputation for pushing some of the best of deep house through the label, the event is one that you must attend as it will showcase some power packed performances.

Martin Roth
Dom Donnelly
Theo Kottis

Be prepared to dance to the groovy beats of Theo Kottis and Martin Roth with their energizing sets that pump you up and keep you dancing throughout. The mellow sounds of Tontario will embrace you and tug a string at your heart. The man behind all the magic that comes out of the Anjuna Kitchen, Label A&R head Dom Donnelly, also makes his way to the country. All the tracks coming out on Anjuna are rather fine ones, so we know for sure that his set will be one of absolute finesse, since he is brain behind most of the tracks. In fact, we can expect the man to drop a lot of unreleased demos too!

Be prepared to be shrouded by some love from the Anjuna family. Come in nice and early and catch all these wonders play live! Get your tickets now!

Anjunadeep Goa – Get your tickets here.

Anjunadeep Mumbai – Get your tickets here.

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Shivani Murthy


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