[Review] Netsky – 3

One of Belgium’s brightest musical exports, Netsky releases his eagerly awaited third album - ‘3’!

In the past 3 years or so, the spotlight has shone on the Drum & Bass scene thanks to artists such as Rudimental and Sigma. Many new fans have been made and what a good opportunity for artists such as Netsky to expand the horizons of the genre to audiences as well as in his own production skills.

With this in mind, the long awaited 3rd album by Netsky, coincidentally enough named “3” was released on the 3rd of June. The Belgian producer has become a name synonymous within the d&b scene and is definitely no stranger to producing albums. “3” consists of an array of stellar collabs, plenty of uplifters and music to fill up festival arenas all over the world. Let’s take a closer look at each track.

Opening up the album is cinematic orchestra of strings drawing in our attention, following through are the powerful vocals of superstar Emeli Sande. “Thunder” delivers the punch at the beginning of “3”. This tune doesn’t disappoint the drum & bass heads.

“Work It Out” features Digital Farm Animals, in at track 2 of the album. A beautiful pop-style track, perfect for festivals. You can’t help but sing along to the catchy lyrics and infectious beat.

Next up is “Rio”. Digital Farm Animals make a second appearance on the album. A cool, soulful track incorporating brass synths and piano melodies over d&b beats, giving the song a feel good vibe.

“Leave It Alone” takes a bit of a different sound than what we have heard from Netsky in the past. It features Saint Raymond on vocals. It’s such a smooth tune, you just feel like losing yourself to the groove. Also it’s not a drum & bass track, it has abit more house elements. I appreciate the experimentation Netsky has done on this track. Sounds awesome.

In next is “Who Knows” featuring Paije. This track, I’m sorry to say has all the generic qualities of a festival uplifter d&b song we have heard in Rudimental songs. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just generic. Can’t deny that it delivers on making you want to dance and will do well as a festival smasher.

Halfway through the album is “Go 2”. Another smooth track coupled with deep house elements. Pitched low vocals with jazzy synths and basslines. Netsky opted to make the first half of the tune chilled, but the next bit of the song showcases his beloved breakbeats. The contrast of fast beats and soulful melodies are exquisite.

“High Alert” comes in next featuring the beautiful vocals of Sara Hartman. A mid-tempo pop-style track giving attention to the slightly distorted bassline. Mixing in elements of trap with the chopped vocals and hip hop beats. I quite enjoyed this track.

“TNT” follows through with a collaboration with Dave 1 from pop sensation Chromeo. Another pop song of the album. A different side of what d&b can sound like from a mainstream pop point. Well I love Chromeo and I love Netsky so this is a wonderful effort of both artists. That funky 80s synths bring so much character.

“Stay Up With Me” comes in next, featuring Arlissa. We are back to the liquid funk spectrum. A perfect combination of melodies and Arlissa’s voice.

“Forget what you look like” comes in next and what a beauty of song. The intro to this track is amazing and Lowell’s voice is absolutely stunning. The song is quite intense until the break brings it all together. There are a lot of different elements going on in this song. Netsky incorporating abit of the liquid dubstep vibe along with future bass elements.

Second last track of the album is “Bird of Paradise”. A chilled out track. Smooth piano melodies and orchestral strings envelope our ears. We hear the build-up coming in followed through with the break into a mid-range beat and bassline. An interesting sounding song.

Lastly to end of this stellar album is the monster, Jauz and Netsky collab song entitled Higher. Laced with elements of future house and cool vocals makes the tune a club banger.

Overall “3” is an album that is more than just for dancing. It actually takes you on a journey and satisfies the listening essence of the purpose of music. He added a great deal of experimentation in his productions of which we haven’t heard from him compared to previous releases. He has done great and I suggest you check out the album if you haven’t already done so.

Check out the album here.


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