Mix Of The Week: BilloGorz

big room mix 2024

In the high-octane world of Electronic Dance Music, new talents emerge constantly, but few have sparked as much excitement as the Croatian DJ and producer BilloGorz.

Launching his project in 2022, BilloGorz quickly distinguished himself with his unique blend of big room and EDM, dubbed “Blakna House,” which incorporates official remixes of classic Croatian tunes into pulsating club bangers.

Garnering support from industry giants like Fedde Le Grand, Showtek, Jewelz & Sparks, and Kenn Colt, BilloGorz’s rise in the EDM community has been meteoric. Known for his dynamic performances and masked persona, he consistently turns every venue into a high-energy dance fest, from sun-soaked beach bars to electrifying club nights.

This week, BilloGorz is set to captivate listeners with his electrifying set on the 257th edition of T.H.E – Podcasts. Expect a mix of his signature tracks, unreleased tunes, and surprising remixes, promising an unforgettable auditory journey.

00:00 Billogorz Intro
00:33 James Bond Theme (Billogorz Remix)
01:18 ID – ID (Billogorz Remix)
01:55 Trevon & Billogorz – No Stoppin
02:39 Billogorz, Brudys, Pecks – ID
05:03 Like a G6 (Billogorz Remix)
05:47 Billogorz – ID (Call Somebody)
08:23 Billogorz & Sina – Sinner
09:37 Billogorz – Jungle Party
11:30 Billogorz – ID
13:53 KRKS – Still Snowin
16:21 Treblebass (Billogorz Remix)
17:05 Vanillaz Divolly & Markward – Ederlezi
17:47 ID – ID
18:32 Haustor – Ena (Billogorz Remix)


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