Mix Of The Week: PAWKLE

edm mix 2024

From the vibrant heart of Italy, PAWKLE has risen as a transformative figure in the independent music production scene.

His musical odyssey, which started at a young age with the piano, has seen him evolve into a multifaceted producer, known for his eclectic mix of EDM genres under the moniker Slink13 and now as PAWKLE. With support from industry heavyweights like Nicky Romero, ANG, and Reggio, and tracks released under labels such as Bangerang Network, Quartzo Records, and Madox Records, PAWKLE has established a strong foothold in the electronic music domain.

In the 254th edition of T.H.E – Podcasts, PAWKLE showcases his versatility and creativity. The set is a journey through the best tracks from both his projects ‘PAWKLE’ & ‘Slink13’. The mix promises to be an auditory feast, blending the intensity of Hardstyle, the rhythmic pulse of House, and a fresh infusion of Midtempo beats. Fans can expect to hear favorites like “Fumble,” “Hydra,” and “Monster,” along with exclusive ID tracks that signify his continuous evolution and experimentation.

PAWKLE’s latest offering is more than just a setlist; it’s a reflection of his audacious leap into unexplored sonic realms, merging matured experiences with a vast array of electronic and organic sounds. This mix stands testament to his relentless pursuit of innovation and his dedication to pushing the boundaries of musical expression.


00:00 PAWKLE – ID (Intro Edit)
00:51 PAWKLE – Fumble
02:10 PAWKLE – ID
04:29 Slink13 – Hydra
07:21 Slink13 – Monster
09:01 Slink13 – Berserker
10:47 Slink13 & D.N.A. – Helix
12:47 Slink13 & DASH3N – Azimuth
14:51 Slink13 – ID
16:18 Slink13 & RAKHZ – Beyond The Sky
19:34 Slink13 – ID (Lights)
21:38 PAWKLE – ID (Next To You)
24:20 PAWKLE – Headache
26:52 PAWKLE – Whisper
29:22 PAWKLE – Whisper (PAWKLE VIP Bootleg)


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