Dirtcaps drop KLASH: Dime Pieces II

Since the release of ‘KLASH: Dime Pieces’ at the end of March this year, fans have been eager to see what direction the sound of Dirtcaps’ KLASH label would go in.

Dirtcaps feat. Jantine – Need A Friend

It’s not unlikely to see a musical connection bring people together, turning a brief encounter into a blossoming partnership. Such is also the case with Dirtcaps and Dutch singer-songwriter Jantine, for whom new single ‘Need A Friend’ marks another chapter in their long-lasting friendship and artistic synergy.

Dirtcaps – El Fuego EP II

A little over six months after brandishing their ‘El Fuego EP’, Dirtcaps have come up with its follow-up: ‘El Fuego EP II’.

Dirtcaps feat. RAPHAELLA – Midnight Sun

It seems like the Dirtcaps can’t be stopped. A mere two weeks after they released DIME PIECES, the duo has just delighted fans with a brand new single, Midnight Sun. Featuring star vocalist, RAPHAELLA, this track is one you simply can’t unhear.

KLASH: Dime Pieces (Mixed by Dirtcaps)

Barely a year after launching their KLASH label in collaboration with Amsterdam-based record label Armada Music, Dirtcaps have gone on to release their imprint’s very first mix compilation, mixed by Dirtcaps themselves.

Dirtcaps feat. Eleni Drake – Foreign Tongues

Ever since it was dropped onto the scene as an ID track, Foreign Tongues has left quite an impression throughout the world of dance music.

Sandro Silva X Dirtcaps – Someone Like U (Original Mix) [Armada Music]

Delicate plucks, exquisite chords, and a dirty, heavy duty bassline to keep you wanting more; that’s what you get when Sandro Silva teams up with Dirtcaps.

New Release: Alvaro & Dirtcaps – Dagga (Original Mix) [Smash The House]

As Smash The House approaches the latter half of 2014, the high-standard string of releases from the label is echoed on, with Alvaro & Dirtcaps collaboration ‘Dagga’.

Preview: Dirtcaps & The Oddword – Stand Up (Original Mix) [Available August 1]

Dirtcaps & The Oddword team up for a collaborative electro house banger, “Stand Up”! Available August 1, listen to it below!

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