Exciting Act Cityzen Debuts On R3HAB’s CYB3RPVNK Imprint With “Sirius”

Cityzen Sirius

The newest project from R3HAB’s CYB3RPVNK imprint comes in the form of the mysterious Cityzen, an artist who exists in the parallel of past and future and whose sound is a reflection of all that has been and all that will be.

Cityzen introduces himself to the world with the release of his debut track “Sirius,” a driving house timebomb that merges gravelly bass and retro vocal snippets with high-energy modern synths to make a unique, dancefloor-friendly track that will delight both veterans and novice fans of electronic music. Keep an eye out for the next drop from CYB3RPVNK’s newest family member, and perhaps the most intriguing one yet!

Although not much is known about Cityzen yet, we can be extremely positive about three noticeable attributes: his affinity for the color red, unique glasses, and his desire to give people the intense beats that one would imagine hearing on the metallic streets of a futuristic metropolitan. Perhaps Cityzen (aka СИТИЗЕН) can live in the past and the future at the same time, giving him the ability to merge vintage hardware like Moog synthesizers with futuristic house rhythms of the modern age. If “Sirius” is any indication, Cityzen is on the verge of something huge and previously unimagined, and all the world can do is wait. Armed with his sparkling glasses and affinity for the color red, Cityzen brings to life a crossover of old and new that will become the unique sound of the next generation.


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