T.H.E Interview – Salvione

Hailing from New York City, Salvione is ready to share his sounds and talent with the world.

Blending the best House and Tech House tracks alongside his own impressive productions, listeners of the show can expect an amazing listening experience of its own, showcasing the energetic and uplifting style he’s known for.

The show aims to raise the listeners vibes while connecting the audience to the uplifting spirit and energy behind the music.

We invited Salvione to tell us more about the show, the idea behind it as well as some hopes for the near future.

T.H.E – Hello Salvione, how are you?

Salvione – Hi, I am great, thank you for having me. How are you?

T.H.E – How did the idea of the show come about?

Salvione – The idea for the show came about because I was starting a new brand called ‘Elevate’ which is aimed at raising the overall vibration of the House music community. I started ‘Elevate’ and the ‘Elevated Radio’ show because I feel that the world as a whole is in such a down place and there is so much negativity that I wanted to raise people up the best way I know, through music. As Jimi Hendrix once said “Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.” That quote has always resonated with me. I’ve even kept it as the wallpaper of my phone for like 10 years now.

T.H.E – What genre or genres will be featured on the show?

Salvione – The show will be mostly Tech House and House music. Just fun, uplifting music.

T.H.E – What do you look for in a track to add it to a mix?

Salvione – One of the first things that hits me is the groove. I’m running through a mental checklist of things like; Does it get me moving? Is the energy good? Is this something that I enjoy and is it something I think the listeners will enjoy?

T.H.E – Who would you like to invite as guests to your show?

Salvione – I really have a sound in my head that I would like the show to follow and there is a long list of artists I have in mind that can deliver that who I would love to have on. Everyone from iconic artists such as Danny Tenaglia, Mark Knight, and Nic Fanciulli, to some other talents who I am really loving what they’re doing at the moment like Sammy Porter, Tone Troy, and Riaz Dhanani.

T.H.E – What would you say sets the show apart from others?

Salvione – I think what sets this show apart from others is its sound. I feel the music I play is different from other shows that are out there and I want to showcase artists who bring a similar sound as well. I feel that it is really something you can listen to anywhere. Whether you are getting ready to head to a night out at the club, driving to the store, or cleaning your house on a Sunday morning. I feel like it is something you can have on and just have a good time.

T.H.E – How does mixing for your show differ from mixing for a live audience?

Salvione – Well, I am going to include some excerpts from live performances I have coming up as episodes but I would say the mixing is similar. I think the track selection is what differs. I used to not be a fan of doing studio mixes because there is more thinking involved. When playing live there is an energy exchange happening. I am feeding off of the crowd and the crowd is feeding off of me. We are on the journey together and building the set together. When creating a mix just for the show I have to start thinking of what I would want to hear if I was listening in all of the places and scenarios I mentioned before and try to deliver something that fits to the best of my ability. In either scenario, I just want the listener to have the best experience possible.

T.H.E – What’s your favorite part about having your own radio show?

Salvione – My favorite part of having my own radio show would be being able to get my sound out to more people in the world and just connecting with so many different people that I normally wouldn’t. I’ve already had such a great response from listeners and have had some really good conversations with those that have reached out.

T.H.E – What would you like to achieve with the show?

Salvione – I would like to give people a release from the stressful world we live in, even if for just an hour. Through this show I want to share my sound and the music I like with the world. I also want to give a platform for not just established artists to share their music but for rising talent as well.

T.H.E – Where will we be able to listen to your radio show?

Salvione – Currently, the show is on Move Ibiza, We Get Lifted and KL Radio in the United Kingdom, and HNT Radio in Canada. If you happen to miss the show or want to listen again you can sign up for the Elevate Newsletter, which will bring you the recording of the show as well as my top 5 tracks of the week to add to your playlists, production tips each week and a monthly binaural beat meditation which I make right to your inbox. You can sign up here.

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