Uncertainty Over Ultra Singapore 2019 Causing Chaos Over Social Media


Festival-goers in rage as ultra gives an excuse of bad weather to move the festival indoors.


So… Is Ultra Singapore even happening this weekend?

We always knew Ultra Singapore was not going to be held in Ultra Park from next year onwards. I mean, there is a project for a hotel to be built in the same spot. Though nobody expected it to be moved this year! Yep, you heard that right. Ultra Singapore has officially moved from its picturesque outdoor location to the indoor basement of Marina Bay Sands convention centre (that’s if it’s even happening).

Earlier today a lot of conflicting news broke that Ultra Singapore had changed location to the convention center at Marina Bay Sands and
been cancelled altogether.

1. Changed Location

This one seems pretty legit. Over the years we’ve seen Ultra Singapore being set-up weeks in advance of the main event date. The event this year round is to be held this coming weekend and guess what? The ground is as barren as it can be. There is no sign of construction anywhere near the site. Also, seems some people claiming to have received their eTickets say the ticket itself has the updated location.

2. Cancelled

Rumours of Ultra being cancelled all started with the following post.

While we are not going to comment on Alex Chew, his businesses or how legitimate this post is, we will say it’s not the first time that such incidents have taken place surrounding a music festival (Yes Fyre, we’re looking at you). But would this ever happen to an Ultra event? Could it?

Ultra routinely works with local promoters for its international events and Alex has been with Ultra Singapore since day 1. So while this may seem to fuel the fire, it could be a hoax.

There have been contradictory reports as well.

From someone who is going to the festival this weekend the only complaint is probably that Ultra has been completely quiet about this. A simple press release could have squashed this a long time back but as we write this we are still awaiting any official news on both the venue and cancellation bits.

What do you make of this? Have you got your e-Tickets to Ultra yet? One thing’s for sure, Ultra Singapore is not happening outdoors this year for sure.

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